Our Company

Enaimco is a technology company that is developing simulation software and services that can be applied to optimize a wide variety of systems and processes in support of the global energy transition. Our mission is to apply intelligence in support of a sustainable world by combining subsea and marine engineering expertise with digital technologies to provide world-class solutions. In collaboration with partner companies who support a common goal, we will enable a quantum leap in the value of acquired data for our clients globally to support a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions . Currently, we will have two main business lines: digital asset integrity management and simulation of complex systems.
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Enaimco HQ lobby
Various candid shots from Enaimco HQ

Our Partners

In the quickly evolving digital landscape of the offshore energy industry, we work hard to build and maintain strong partnerships with other companies, institutions, and organizations. These relationships are enabling us all to build  products and provide services we believe can make a difference in the industry's journey to net zero. We feel it important to highlight one partner, in particular, who has been with us from the early days and plays a key role in our product development. GRi Simulations is a veteran in the market, developing 3D models and simulation software and we're proud to be partnered with them on our Digital Asset Integrity Management solution.
Meet our partners
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