The Evolution of the Energy Industry

The offshore energy industry is changing and at Enaimco, we’re on a mission to help you navigate that change.

An offshore oil platform surrounded by fog with wind turbines in the background.

Finding the right data is key

Currently, there are over 300 subsea oil & gas fields worldwide with an average age of 15 years. Many of these billion-dollar assets are managed with siloed information and under-utilized data processes.

Over the lifetime of a production facility, assets can change hands, teams change, and history becomes uncertain. Simply knowing “what’s the most current information?” can be a challenge.

Additionally, the inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) programs for these subsea fields are performed through the deployment of large, expensive, high emission vessels. Energy companies are spending billions to maintain these remote, aging facilities, while generating millions of tonnes of GHG emissions with inefficient, outdated systems and processes.

From the seafloor to the executive office, organizations are looking for more efficient ways to do more with less. Widespread workforce reductions have led to the need for stronger collaboration across a wider geographic range, while global climate mandates are forcing operators to decrease their carbon footprint in any way possible.

An underwater ROV shining a light on a subsea flowline

And that's where we come in...

Our immersive, intelligent, VWEs provide an easy-to-use, common platform for diverse stakeholders to share a common understanding of any subsea asset – transforming how offshore energy companies manage and visualize data to maximize the value of their assets.

User-friendly and easy-to-navigate, Enaimco’s VWE is designed to be the ultimate collaborative space. With an up to date, contextualized ‘Single Point of Truth’, you can make faster decisions with more confidence. As a result of having access to optimized data, your team can spend less time on mundane tasks and pay more attention to the tasks that matter.

Through this digital transformation, our clients can streamline their processes and more efficiently manage their subsea infrastructure. Reduce IMR activities and emissions while extending the life of your assets and increasing the return on your investment. View our products and services to learn more.

“We have the makings now of the vision of a single landing page for the asset”