Dynamic Analysis

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The analysis team at Enaimco consists of professional engineers with extensive experience in the subsea industry – specifically in the field of hydrodynamic analytics for offshore operations, as well as project management and engineering.

With our expertise and in-house tools, we can confidently reduce analysis requirements and computational power required in performing a vast array of analysis scopes. From the conceptual stage to life extension projects – and all points in between – our world class team of Analysis Engineers can efficiently perform a variety of analysis work.

Services Offered

Example of Strength & Interference Analysis

Strength & Interference analyses ensure the integrity of risers, umbilicals, and mooring systems in normal and abnormal operations. We develop and perform strength analysis to ensure all design criteria is within allowable limits during extreme weather events. Interference analyses are performed to check for clashing between all subsea equipment, structures, adjacent risers, mooring lines, vessel rigging, and any other key clash points.

Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue analysis for both green and brownfield developments is required to ensure assets are operating as intended throughout the entire design life of the field. We thoroughly examine all key components and the effect of cyclic loading on your assets. For greenfield developments, fatigue analysis is used to provide input on design considerations (material selection and configuration) to maximise field life.

Example of Service Life Extension

We understand the growing need to extend the life of brownfield developments globally. Using historical metocean data, we work with our clients to assess existing configurations, predict the service life of assets, and assess options for extending field life.

Example of Real-Time Fatigue Monitoring

Developed and managed by our in-house industry experts, our real-time fatigue calculator gives you an up-to-date, physics-based twin that is a virtual working replica of your real-world equipment and its environment. The system easily integrates with third-party data sensors to monitor environmental and operational data, which can result in significant reductions in uncertainties, predict failures, and extend the life of your assets.

Example of Configuration Design & Optimization.

By combining strength, interference, and fatigue analyses, we can optimize design. Our in-house tools and expertise allow us to optimize quickly and effectively, designing flexible risers, umbilicals, cables, mooring chains, and their associated ancillary equipment, including bend stiffeners, buoyancy modules, tethers, etc.

To help ensure smooth, safe operations, we provide clients with support in the installation of either rigid or flexible pipelines, umbilicals, mooring systems, as well as subsea structures to maximise their allowable operability window and ensure project success.

Past Projects & Experience

  • Iris Hades Development Project
  • Hibernia Southern Extension Project
  • Teal Riser Replacement Project
  • Triton In-place Analysis
  • Husky Life Extension Analysis
  • TEN Installation Analysis
  • OrcaFlex / DeepLines Extreme Touchdown Comparison Analysis Lula Norte and Lula Sul Analysis
  • Njord Oil Export Life Extension Analysis
  • Njord Umbilicals Design Project
  • Bay du Nord Tender and Feasibility Study Apache